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David Core, CLU®, CFHC®, CFP®, REBC®

David Core

David Core graduated first in his class at the University of Florida. He was also a recipient of the prestigious Wall Street Journal Award and the UF Scholar Award.

Starting his career in 1981, working in the Retirement Planning Industry, his focus has been to assist his clients in accumulating for a successful retirement.

In 1984, He founded Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. uncovering a significant need in the burgeoning 401(k) market, he applied the knowledge he obtained as an auditor to the establishment and administration of 401(k) Retirements plans. Pinnacle’s objective was to support the highest level of accuracy and compliance for their clients 401(k) plans.

While continuing to support Retirement Plans, he developed unique strategies in 1994 to market and administer Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs.) and Associations. Over the next 20 years he continued to uncover new niches for MEPs. In addition, he created opportunities for advisors to leverage their practice by providing access to Multiple Employer Plans and outsourcing.

As a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. (LFA). He noticed 401(k) provides bridges to an array of financial planning opportunities. He also was named LFA Advisor of the year in 1996 and 1997.* In 2004, he was awarded LFA Planner of the Year and Enterprise Advisor of the year.* Each year he was South Florida’s Advisor of the year for over a decade.**

Today, he assists clients in managing their retirement. Many individuals have achieved establishing their "nest egg" to sustain them in the future. With his assistance they are able to optimize what they receive from these nest eggs for themselves and their families. He has formulated a planning group throughout the years to deploy a team approach to developing the opportunity for PEOs and Associations to assist their members in maximizing the value of their business, toward achieving their retirement dreams, and protecting their assets from liability.

The success in these endeavors has elevated multiple planners to maximize their productivity within our group. He invites financial planners to join the group in order to have access to multiple opportunities to build and support the value of the practice. Today, many individuals look at their business that they have built over the last quarter century or more, as one of their primary retirement assets. He helps business owners transfer their business to their chosen successor while reducing their tax liability. Through various other tax strategies he reduces the estate taxation so that the heirs can keep more and pay less. Together, with his staff and multiple talented Financial Planners, he wishes to bring the skill set through all of his strategic alliances to assist individuals nationally in sustaining and maximizing their financial future.

"The past is history, the future is a mystery, the present is a gift."

*This award is one of seven, based on service line, given to Lincoln Financial Advisors planners each year out of a pool of more than 1,000 reps, and is an internal award based on sales, quality of service, and commitment to Lincoln’s principles, and is selected by Lincoln senior managers.
**This internal award is based on revenue growth including all product lines for the Southeast Regional Planning Office within Lincoln Financial Advisors.