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What is an AIF?

What is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)

The Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) Designation is a professional certification that demonstrates an advisor or other person has met certain requirements to earn and maintain the credential.

Initial Certification Requirements:

There are five requirements for attaining the AIF® designation:

  1. Enroll in and complete AIF® Training
  2. Pass the AIF® Examination
  3. Meet the experience requirement (prerequisites)
  4. Satisfy the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards
  5. Submit the application and dues

Recertification Requirements:

The following steps must be completed annually in order to retain the AIF® designation:

  1. Accrue and report six (6) hours of continuing education (CE), four of which must be delivered by Fi360 or one of Fi360’s approved CE providers.
  2. Satisfy the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards
  3. Submit the application and dues ($325)

Use of the AIF designation does not imply that Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.or its Investment Advisor Representatives may act in a fiduciary capacity for ERISA plans.