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What is a CBEC?

Why Choose a Certified Business Exit Consultant®?

The first thing that owners need to know about ‘exit planning’ is that it is a new profession and industry that is growing quickly due to the onslaught of privately-held baby boomer owners who are looking to transition their businesses to satisfy their retirement goals. Further, due to the lack of growth in the world economies in the past few years, many owners feel that they do not want to go through another recession and would like to cash in on their businesses when they get the next opportunity. And, in addition to the demographics and the timing issues, there is also the global, macro-economic issues that are making business today anything but ‘usual’, forcing companies to work harder to compete in today’s interconnected global environment. For all of these reasons, the ‘exit planning’ industry is emerging and that is why, in all likelihood, this is a new concept for you as an owner to consider for the future transition of your business.

Professional advisors and consultants are keen to these issues and are positioning themselves to provide services to owners who are seeking assistance with their current and future needs to be prepared for a successful business exit. Those advisors and consultants who seek the highest level of distinction in the marketplace apply for Pinnacle’s Certified Business Exit Consultant®professional designation. So, what is required of an advisor or consultant to achieve this prestigious mark and what, specifically qualifies the CBEC® holder to assist you with your planning? Let’s take a look.

Certified Business Exit Consultants® are the most experienced, best supported, and highest trained ‘exit planners’ in the marketplace today.

  • The Certified Business Exit Consultant® (CBEC®) candidate is required to present evidence of effectively delivering an exit plan to an actual business owner to achieve the mark. The written exit plan is submitted to Pinnacle’s offices for peer review and every applicant has a personal interview with Pinnacle’s founder, John Leonetti, before being awarded the prestigious mark. Pinnacle feels very strongly that anyone who holds our ‘certification’ mark and presents themselves to you to assist with your exit planning, needs to have the actual experience of delivering exit planning solutions to owners in order to gain your confidence and trust in this consultant’s qualifications to assist you.
  • Those accepted to the CBEC® course must complete twenty (20) hours of pre-requisite reading, study and online coursework prior to arriving at the week-long course.
  • The CBEC® candidate invests a week of their professional life attending our market-leading training course where more than a dozen professional presenters cover all of the topics that are critical to delivering exit plans to business owners.
  • The CBEC® candidate also has a day and a half of ‘practice management’ training where they are introduced to all of the tools, reports, support, and the larger network of Pinnacle Members to assist them in being the top exit planners in the marketplace today.
  • The CBEC® candidate is required to pass a four hour, one-hundred question comprehensive, examination, at the end of the week of training.
  • The average CBEC® holder has 20 years of professional advisory or consulting experience.
  • CBEC® applicants compete for a limited number of seats for Pinnacle’s limited number of training classes per year. The top advisors and consultants are chosen amongst those who apply.
  • CBEC® applicants pass background and personal reference checks, along with a personal interview with John Leonetti before being accepted to the course.
  • The CBEC® classes draw from a diverse set of advisors and consultants, including business consultants, part-time CFOs, attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, valuation experts, merger and acquisition advisors, and other professionals who consult with the private-held owner, making for a unique learning and practical experience in delivering services across a spectrum of needs.
  • And, those accepted to the CBEC® classes and who hold are mark also gain access to Pinnacle’s exclusive Membership program where they are provided with:
    • An international network of leading exit consultants to support them with any questions or special area of study that are needed in any given engagement and referrals into your specific needs.
    • Continuing education through Pinnacle’s ongoing training program.
    • A vast library of educational content to provide to you, the owner, to assist in understanding issues across a wide array of topics that are critical to a successful exit.
    • Software and plan writing support – providing the CBEC® holder with direct access to Pinnacle’s team to assist with writing their exit plans.
    • Pinnacle’s Members-only advisors conferences and other live events where the exit consultants meet their national and international peers and stay current on new tools, resources, and trends in this emerging industry.
    • Exclusive access to Pinnacle’s intellectual property to assist you and those whom you want to own your business in the future with better understand the issues involved with ownership transition.
    • Access to thid party unaffiliated mergers and acquisitions advisors who understand and integrate into our exit planning process to assist you with a successful ‘external sale’ transaction, if that is the exit path that you have chosen.